Breweries across the nation brew “Resilience Butte County Proud IPA” to help cause

Sierra Nevada Resilience IPA

Sierra Nevada Brewing Co., which rose to prominence as one of the original craft brewers in the US, has done a lot to support the victims of the Camp Fire. They began by starting a relief fund and funding it with a $100,000 donation. Now, they are releasing a beer they will sell with 100 percent of sales going to the victims.

Ken Grossman, the founder of Sierra Nevada, announced that they will be releasing Resilience Butte County Proud IPA and donating the proceeds to the relief fund. “Many of you have asked if we will be brewing a fundraiser beer to support #CampFire relief efforts. The answer is a resounding ‘yes.’ We are proud to announce that we’ll be brewing Resilience Butte County Proud IPA and donating 100% of sales to Camp Fire relief.”

Breweries around the country have been encouraged to brew the beer and help the cause. Sierra Nevada started brewing Resilience IPA on November 29 and is sharing the recipe with other brewers. More than 1,000 breweries across the country have have already joined the cause to brew the beer, which is expected to be available for purchase by December 17, 2018.

“We are working with malt, hop and yeast suppliers to provide raw ingredient donations to all participating breweries and are asking those breweries to donate 100 percent of their sales to the fund, as well,” the brewery said in a post.

Sea Otter Classic is also joining the cause to support those impacted by the Camp Fire. The annual world-renowned cycling festival, which takes place in Monterey every April, announced it will be donating 100% of all profits from the sale of its Sea Otter Ale merchandise sold through December 7. Sea Otter Ale is brewed by Sierra Nevada, Learn more here.

Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. is based in Chico, located near the town of Paradise which was devastated by the Camp Fire. Now fully contained, the fire — which started on November 8 — raged through 153,000 acres of Butte County, taking the lives of at least 88 people with over 150 still unaccounted for. Thousands of survivors remain displaced, with 14,000 residences destroyed. The tragedy left in its wake is overwhelming.

Grossman says, “We appreciate the tremendous amount of support and compassion shown from folks around the world. With the brave men and women risking their lives fighting this fire and the outpouring of support from communities near and far, we know we are on a path to healing and rebuilding.”

Learn more about the Sierra Nevada Camp Fire Relief Fund, which is supported through the Golden Valley Bank Community Foundation here.