Spotlight shines on leading rooftop tent manufacturer’s interchangeable sheltering systems

Tepui rooftop tent zipper gimp system installed on vehicle showcasing interchangeable sheltering capability

Tepui Tents, a leading manufacturer of rooftop tent zipper gimp system and outdoor adventure gear, announced it was awarded a utility patent for its innovative rooftop tent system. The new patented Zipper Gimp system couples the tent’s base with the tent’s canopy allowing for interchangeable sheltering systems depending on weather or other conditions the user may encounter.

The Zipper Gimp system is valuable not only to the end-user, but also to Tepui’s vast network of retailers and distributors.  Allowing several canopy styles to pair with a single base gives retailers the ability to provide a wide range of product options with less inventory and storage space.

“Innovation has always been a core value for Tepui,” said founder Evan Currid, “Although prior innovations such as our Ruggedized line and our SKY tents have raised the bar with regard to product offerings, our patented Zipper Gimp will provide greater flexibility to our customers and retailers across our entire line.”

Tepui’s first tent line to utilize the Zipper Gimp, the Tepui Baja Series, received awards at its August 2016 Outdoor Retailer debut in Salt Lake City. The Zipper Gimp system will roll out to Tepui’s entire product line over the coming year.

In addition to Tepui’s developments in tent design, the manufacturer’s line of accessories has expanded to feature custom fitted bedding for each tent’s included high-density foam mattress, boot bags for the “front porch” of the tent, and a hard shell tent with an integrated rack system that can accommodate a user’s gear. Tepui tents are available at Outdoor and Auto Accessory shops nationwide, as well as REI, Bass Pro Shops, Cabela’s, and Get Tepui’s Rooftop Tent Zipper Gimp System now!

Founded in 2010 and based in Santa Cruz, California, Tepui Tents makes the highest quality rooftop camping tents and excursion accessories available. Engineered with market-leading designs that utilize premium materials, Tepui Tents are easy to install on almost any vehicle with a roof rack. From off-road warriors at the Baja 1000 to families car camping for a weekend at the lake, Tepui Tents and rugged accessories make any adventure a comfortable home away from home. For more information, visit


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