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Race the Rails 2019

September 7, 2019 • Ruth, NV

The steam locomotive and the bicycle were both invented a little over ten years apart. Both changed the way we travel. Which one will prevail on September 7 at Race the Rails?

Participants will ride the historic steam engine, with their bikes, up to the mining town of Ruth, NV and the base of the Robinson Mine. At the sound of the train whistle, mountain bikers and road bikers race onto their individual courses to see who can get back to the depot before the train.

This is not a race against time or your fellow riders, it’s a race against one of history’s most powerful inventions! Mountain bikers test their speed and agility on a challenging ten mile course through the beautiful mountains surrounding Ely, while road bikers prove their speed and endurance on a 25-mile course along roads and highways in …

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Inaugural Tom Frost Memorial Old Priest Grade Hill Climb

August 24, 2019 • Big Oak Flat, CA

Race or just ride one of the steepest climbs in the US. This event will be filmed for a Flatlander Films feature documentary about Tom Frost.

A few years ago, when Frost was 79 years old, he engaged multi-award winning bicycle builder Rob English to create a lightweight road bike to help him climb Old Priest grade. Frost had shared his desire with fellow climbing legend Conrad Anker, whose family has owned the land since the 1800s and runs the Priest Station Cafe at the top of the spectacular grade. Unfortunately, Frost passed before fulfilling this dream.

Join Anker, Hans Florine, Rob English and many other special guests at this event honoring Frost and his dream.


  • 6:00am- (recommended) Leave Priest Station Cafe for warm up
  • 6:30am- Start Line (bottom of the grade)
  • 6:40am- Race Start
  • 6:42am- Ride Start
  • 7:15-10am- Pancake

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Event Profiles: Issue 110

Featured upcoming events

Ta-Hoe Nalu

August 10-11, Kings Beach

Ta-Hoe Nalu is celebrating its 13th year on the north shore of Lake Tahoe at Kings Beach State Recreation Area. Join the reunion to celebrate with all those who created the great sport of stand up paddleboard (SUP) racing.

Ta-Hoe Nalu offers several high level competitive races for SUP, Prone, and Outrigger, with categories for age/gender and skill levels.

There will also be two 2-hour guided paddle tours just for the fun of it. These include a picnic lunch and a historical and geological talk about Lake Tahoe.

The Ta-Hoe Nalu festival has become a family vacation destination, offering events for all ages including a sandcastle building contest. Enjoy the food and beverage court along with live music from 2 to 5pm each day.

Free demos, raffles, and prizes will add to the fun.

Come and enjoy the party at the …

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Editor’s Note: American Jedi Bodhisattvas

Nobody wins until everybody wins

ASJ founders Cathy Claesson and Matt Niswonger at the base of Lower Yosemite Falls. 

An important conversation is happening within the outdoor industry right now, and this conversation revolves around outdoor inclusion. 

Simply put, outdoor inclusion means opening the benefits of the outdoor lifestyle to everyone. For decades the outdoor industry has been recognized as a leader in the area of environmental sustainability, but when it comes to diversity there is much less to get excited about. 

In my mind, the first step towards inclusion is stepping back to see exactly who gets to participate in the outdoor lifestyle. When I paddle out to my favorite surf break in Santa Cruz, who do I see? When I go to the climbing gym, who do I see? When I stand in line for a lift ticket at a ski resort, who do I see? When I …

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Ear to the Ground: Issue 110

News and notes from the outdoor industry

ASJ Partners with Four Wheel Campers for Roadshow

After ten years of traveling to events and races in our trusty 2008 Toyota, we are excited to announce that Four Wheel Campers of Woodland has signed on to be the official vehicle sponsor for the ASJ Roadshow. Keep an eye out for the ASJ/FWC branded truck  at events and online as we share pictures via our social media channels.

“This truck and pop up camper will help take our roadshow to the next level,” says ASJ editor and roadshow manager Matt Niswonger. “We appreciate the opportunity to be brand ambassadors for a new model of pop up camper that carries more stuff.” 

Additional details on the model are forthcoming, but basic features include plenty of space for mountain bikes and other equipment in the collapsed position while still leaving room for a king sized …

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