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8 Must-Have Best Outdoor Gear Reviews

1. Columbia Montrail Trans Alps F.K.T. II

Ladies, if you spend any time running on trails, consider buying these shoes. The Trans Alps F.K.T. [Fastest Known Time] II trail running shoe from the Columbia Montrail collection has a full-length FluidFoam™ midsole that provides cushioning, flexibility, and support for longer runs. This shoe is also outfitted with a brand-new abrasion and water resistant forefoot shield for extra protection. The lightweight, seamless upper with ripstop reinforcement makes this shoe very light and durable, and the aggressive tread provides great traction and speed to help you make it to the top. Overall these are super tough and ultra comfortable shoes that are suitable for rugged trail running.

MSRP: $130.00

2. Slumberjack Nightfall 3 Tent

The Slumberjack Nightfall 3 Tent offers a ton of value for backpackers. For less than $200 this tent has all the features you need. The tent can be pitched in the rain thanks to the external pitch pole architecture and remain dry on the inside. The walls of the tent are almost vertical, offering copious amounts of interior space. When summer comes and you’d like to keep things mobile and fast, leave the inner tent body behind and pitch a super-light and compact shelter. You can also use your trekking poles to create a front porch out of the vestibule, which is great for sunny days. The poles on the Nightfall 3 are made of lightweight aluminum and the material is 40D polyester with No-See-Um mesh. This versatile and compact three-person tent will suit your outdoor shelter needs extremely well.

MSRP: $169.99

3. Thermarest Ultralight Cot

If you like to sleep under the stars while camping or backpacking but have a hard time getting comfortable on a pad, then the Thermarest cot is for you. At under three pounds, the award-winning UltraLite Cot is lighter and packs smaller than any other cot on the market. The BowFrame™ patented technology eliminates painful crossbars, squeaky joints and broken hardware that can be found on other cots. Thermarest has revamped the feet and upgraded the carry-bag to make the UltraLite even more compact. So whether you’re fishing, backpacking, kayaking, or riding a motorcycle across the country, this is the cot you need for superior off-the-ground comfort. Once you sleep on a cot it will be hard to go back to a traditional sleeping pad.

MSRP: $219.95 – $239.95

4. HydraPak Stow (500ML, 1L)

HydraPak makes awesome flexible water bottles and their technology is incorporated into many of the top hydration systems on the market. We are excited about HydraPak’s new Stow (available in two sizes, 500ML or 1L), because it’s shaped like a flask instead of a cylinder. That means you can shove it in your jacket or ski pants, and it won’t protrude unnecessarily when full of water. The flat design means you can also throw it on top of an SUP and not worry about it rolling off. The Stow’s bail handle makes it easy to carry and also attach to your pack. This soft bottle is 100% BPA & PVC free, and 80% lighter than most hard bottles. Basically the Stow is a lightweight and flexible bottle that is durable and can be easily taken on any adventure. Look for the Stow this spring.

MSRP: $14 & $17

5. Lowa Men’s Aerox Hiking Shoe

These days hiking shoes look more like running shoes … and that’s a good thing! Twenty years ago hiking in the Sierra was all about big leather boots with Vibram soles. These days most people prefer lightweight shoes for short to medium hikes. The Lowa Aerox is our favorite shoe for short to medium hikes or backpacking with a fairly light pack. They are breathable, waterproof and lightweight and they have all the features we like in a trail shoe starting with Lowa’s direct injection ventilation system and a stable outsole. If you are tired of heavy leather boots that are overkill for shorter hikes, try the Lowa Aerox. You won’t be disappointed.

MSRP: $219.95

6. G-Form Elite Knee Guard

We like G-Form pads for mountain biking because they are comfortable to wear and they are easy to pull on. You can wear these handy kneepads over clothing or directly on your bare knees if you like to wear shorts while riding. The Elite Knee Guards are CE 1621 Level 1 certified, the highest standard for motorcycle armor, and that’s what makes them so perfect for mountain biking. The top and bottom silicone gripper bands make sure the pads stay in place, while the technical mesh back panel helps with breathability and moisture wicking. If you like to drop in on steep trails, don’t forget your G-Form pads.

MSRP: $99.99

7. Seal Line Discovery Deck Dry Bag

Seal Line is the name we trust when it comes to dry bags. Made of ultra-durable materials, the versatile Discovery waterproof dry bag features welded construction for lasting performance, plus an updated closure that makes it easy to achieve a tight, protective seal for excellent fortification against water, from day floats to overland expeditions. The bag has an air purging port that allows for easy purging of excess air in the bag. The best part about this dry bag is the large adjustable carry strap that allows you to throw it over your shoulder for easy carrying or a great way to anchor the bag to the deck of your kayak or SUP. The Discovery Deck Dry Bags come in a variety of colors and sizes.

MSRP: $49.95-$79.95

8. nuun Performance Hydration

The new Performance Hydration, designed for endurance activities, steps away from the traditional tablets nuun is widely known for and instead comes in a powder form. Each serving of nuun’s Performance hydration packs in 15 grams of carbs and 60 calories per serving. The ratio of carbs to water is formulated to optimize the body’s absorption of fluid, during activities lasting longer then 90 minutes. nuun developed this product for three years and it is verified non-GMO, gluten free, and vegan meaning you’re only putting the best in your body so that you can get the best out. nuun’s Performance Hydration has a light flavor, keeping it palatable while you’re exerting yourself, but doesn’t leave you feeling like you need to chase with a full bottle of water after. nuun’s Performance Hydration is perfect for die hard athletes and weekend warriors alike, if you’re looking for a hydration powder that isn’t loaded with sugars and fake ingredients to make it taste good be sure to check out nuun’s Performance Hydration for your next ride, hike, or run!

MSRP: $20.00


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