80% of the world’s amputees live in developing countries. Only 2% have access to prosthetics. La Cumbre aims to shift that percentage.

La Cumbre from Stept Studios on Vimeo.

La Cumbre unveils the reality of what it means to live as an amputee in the developing world. In partnership with the Range of Motion Project (ROMP), La Cumbre joins world class mountaineer and wounded warrior Chad Jukes on an heartfelt journey to shed light on a public health issue affecting amputees world wide.

Kathy Pico, an Ecuadorian native lost her leg to cancer at age 38. Reassessing her life’s value, Kathy turned to alpinism. On July 28th, 2017 Kathy attempted Cayambe, Ecuador’s 3rd tallest volcano towering at 18,996 ft tall alongside Chad Jukes and The Range of Motion Project.

Executive Producer: Lindsey Hagen
Director: Dana Romanoff
Director of Photography: Chris Naum
Editor: Chris Naum
Production Company: Stept