This pop-up camper is the perfect fit for weekend warriors and full-time adventure pilgrims alike.

Four Wheel Campers

While the basic truck-mounted camper dates back to at least the 1920s, it was Dave Rowe who designed the first lightweight pop-up camper in the early 1970s. This launched Four Wheel Campers, the best truck-mounted camper shells we have seen. With the ability to squeeze down into “low profile mode” for driving around, Four Wheel Campers (FWCs) pop up to a generous 6’6’’ of headroom, creating a mobile adventure platform with a bed, a kitchen, and many other amenities depending on which model you choose.

Four Wheel Campers work equally well for weekend warriors or full-time adventure pilgrims looking for a smarter way to pursue the #vanlife. If you do some online research comparing Sprinter vans, Airstream-style trailers, and truck-mounted Four Wheel Campers, you’ll see what we mean. Four Wheel Campers provide an extremely …