Groveland Gears and Grooves Mini-Triathlon
June 11, Groveland


The Groveland Gears and Grooves Triathlon, presented by the Groveland Area Partnership, is scheduled to take place in and around the town of Groveland, near Yosemite National Park. The course is a three sport event and racers start where they want to start and end where they want to end. Think of it as a “Choose your own adventure” event! Stage One is a swim on Pine Mountain Lake. Participants start at the Lake Lodge, swim a mile, and end at the Marina. Stage Two is a cycling ride from the Marina, east on State Route 120, through the countryside, and up to the Rim of the World overlook. Riders will finish this stage at the Pine Mountain Lake Stables. Stage Three is a run from the Pine Mountain Stables, through the airport and outlying areas, ending at Mary Leveroni Park.

Whether you individually run, swim, or ride or you go for it all by doing it all, the cost for this event is $50.00 per person or $130.00 per team of three, and participants under the age of 18 are $25.00.