Clark County, Nevada commissioners stand by conditions of approval; Gypsum Resources postpones development request

Save Red Rock

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Save Red Rock has long been battling proposed development on land that borders Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area (RRCNCA), a popular Las Vegas-area destination for outdoor enthusiasts across the globe. The grassroots organization asserts such development would result in the destruction of Red Rock’s landscape, bringing pollution and traffic to the area and enraging the two million visitors who use RRCNCA each year as a destination for climbing, hiking, biking and camping.

On December 4, 2018, Save Red Rock was informed by Clark County Commissioner Susan Brager — who oversees Red Rock Canyon area District F — that Gypsum Resources’ development request would not be heard on the agenda for the following day’s meeting, marking a major victory in the fight to protect Red Rock.

“We are so grateful to Commissioner Brager for listening to her constituents,” said Heather Fisher, President of Save Red Rock, adding, “Thousands of phone calls and emails were sent to all the commissioners asking them to keep their promises and protect Red Rock Canyon, and today Susan Brager said she would stand true to her word.”

Save Red Rock also thanked Commissioner Steve Sisolak for taking a stand for Red Rock in his support of the hold. “Protecting our vital open spaces, scenic treasures and irreplaceable resources has always been, and will always be, among my highest priorities. I will oppose waiving these conditions.” Sisolak added, “Moreover, the voters of Clark County will have spoken and elected two new commissioners, and a third will be appointed, to be seated in January. I will not be a party to a lame-duck vote on such an important matter and I support allowing the next iteration of the county commission being granted the opportunity to weigh in on this issue.”

Without waivers of conditions, the specific development plan cannot move forward. The applicant agreed to hold his requests in a letter to Commissioner Brager.

Save Red Rock is a grass roots organization committed to protecting the rural, recreational, and scenic nature of Red Rock Canyon. The organization has a long history of success in safeguarding the area. “I created Save Red Rock in 2005 in honor of a good friend, Don Albietz, who was hit and killed by a construction truck while cycling along the Red Rock Scenic Byway,” Fish has explained. “Our coalition is fighting high-density rezoning in the area because it would decrease safety for outdoor enthusiasts and change the rural character of Red Rock Canyon forever.

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Save Red Rock

Photo courtesy Save Red Rock

Statement from Save Red Rock’s president Heather Fisher

Thank you to all of you for the thousands of phone calls and emails! As stressful as these situations are, it is so worth it to see how much people like you love and care for Red Rock Canyon. Our precious canyon is something we all share in common and work hard to protect.

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Is this the end of the battle? No. But thanks to all of you, this is a happy day! It marks a turn in the tides. Never more will anyone have any question as to how many people love Red Rock and are willing to fight for her.

But as long as Red Rock is wonderful, she will be vulnerable. The developer can come back if granted BLM permission for a highway to the top of the mountain (which could take a long time, if indeed possible). Or he can come back and ask to waive that condition again. But our Clark County Commission said they would deny any waivers and have shown that they will stand strong behind their conditions of protection for Red Rock. And the new County Commission is coming in during the wake of all you wonderful, dedicated Red Rock supporters.

We certainly remain diligent and always will, but the tides have turned in favor of Red Rock and the strength of your support is undeniable. And so today, we celebrate. We celebrate the strength of all the active, caring people, and the wonderful source of our strength, Red Rock Canyon.

Save Red Rock

Photo: Jared McMillen

Save Red Rock

Photo: Alan Snel