The California Mountain Bike Coalition (CAMTB) promotes AB 1789

The California Mountain Bike Coalition (CAMTB), a 501c(4) non-profit representing 28 trail advocacy organizations throughout the state, is rallying all recreational trail users to support AB 1789. This bill would create the California Trails Commission, to consist of eight specified members, within the Natural Resource Agency to promote policies and investment opportunities that maximize the health, fitness, and social benefits of non-motorized natural surface trails, trail networks, and greenway corridors. 

The Trails Commission will consist of the following eight reps, all of which are to be appointed by the Secretary of Natural Resources. 
  1.  A member of the equestrian community.
  2. A member of the gravel and mountain biking community.
  3. A member of the hiking and trail running community.
  4. A member of the hunting and angling community.
  5. A member of California’s outdoor industry sector.
  6. A member from the inclusion, diversity, and equity community.
  7. A representative from the Department of Fish and Wildlife.
  8. A representative from the Department of Parks and Recreation.

The bill would require the agency to assign a California Trails Coordinator to staff the commission and report to the secretary of the agency.This bill would also create the Trails Corps Program within the Califronia Conservation Corps to provide training, education, and skills implementation in the advancements of sustainable trails, trail landscaping, and the designing, and best management practices for the operations and maintenance, of non-motorized natural surface trails.

AB 1789 would appropriate $75,000,000 to provide non-motorized infrastructure development and enhancements. After June 30, 2023, the bill would continuously appropriate $15,000,000 each year to the agency for competitive grant programs.

Visit  CAMTB for up-to-date info.

Look out for an article by Jim Scripps in our summer issue that will take a deeper look into CAMTB and AB 1789.