Racers enjoy epic conditions in the eastern Sierra
By Michele Lamelin

300 racers took on the Mammoth Kamikaze Bike Games Enduro, the fourth stop in the California Enduro Series.

Practice sessions ran on terrain that included a liberal amount of Mammoth’s trademark dry, loose “kitty litter” sand. Mother Nature changed things up the night before the race with an intense rainstorm that continued into the morning. With hail coming down just minutes before the rider’s meeting commenced, racers scrambled to create makeshift rain gear out of plastic trash bags as organizers reworked the course.

Right in time for the race to start, though, the sun came out and riders enjoyed racing trails that were in all-time excellent condition. Riders got a nice taste of Mammoth’s varied terrain, sampling sections from fast and flowy to chunky and technical, and experiencing lung searing pedally stretches, long steep descents, and plenty of opportunity …