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Legendary Climber Jim “The Bird” Bridwell Dies after Illness

The legendary Yosemite climber Jim “The Bird” Bridwell died in Palm Springs on February 16. He will be remembered for his contributions to not only Yosemite climbing — some 100 first-ascent free climbs plus A5 big wall routes on Half Dome and El Capitan — but also cutting-edge alpine routes from Alaska to Patagonia. He is survived by his wife, Peggy, and son, Layton.

Bridwell had many adventures around the globe, and was known for this hard-driving, hard-partying approach. In a January 2018 GoFundMe campaign, his son explained that Bridwell suffered complications from hepatitis C. “My mom suspects he could have contracted that from any number of his adventures, but more likely than not it came from the tattoo he received from headhunters during his cross-navigation of Borneo back in the ‘80s when I