Snowlands Network preserves human powered winter

Imagine gliding through a serene Tahoe glade on a pair of cross country skis. Then imagine a line of snowmobiles blasting through the forest and shattering the peace. Sound familiar? Most likely not—and there is a reason.

Snowlands Network has been quietly advocating for backcountry skiers and other human-powered winter athletes who care about wilderness values for over two decades. The advocacy group works to ensure that future generations can find pristine areas in winter where they can experience solitude while engaging in healthy recreation.

The organization’s founder and President, Marcus Libkind, saw a need as far back as the mid-1980’s for human-powered winter enthusiasts to be represented as the Forest Service at that time was engaged in promoting snowmobiling at the expense of backcountry skiers. Libkind reflects back on Snowland’s beginnings, “I was confronted with the realization that the pressures of commercial development …