BYU professor, marathoner, and 2016 Olympic hopeful joins sports nutrition brand

Jared GLUKOS Pic

Press Release // Phoenix, AZ (February 8, 2016) – The GLUKOS Company Inc., an all-natural performance energy foods brand, has added U.S. Marathon Champion, BYU Professor and 2016 Olympic hopeful Jared Ward to its roster of brand ambassadors. Ward joins All-Pro Wide Receiver Antonio Brown, and fellow endurance athletes, Mary Beth Ellis, Liz Lyles and T.J. Tollakson.

Ward is currently training to compete in the Olympic Trials in Los Angeles on February 13 with the goal of running for the U.S. in the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio. As a world-class endurance athlete constantly pushing his body to the max, Ward is an ideal fit to represent GLUKOS’ line of energy and protein performance products. Ward will optimize his training, performance and recovery by utilizing GLUKOS, which provides consumers twice the energy, twice as fast as other leading energy products on the market, to fuel his body every step of the way.

“Running marathons definitely takes a toll on my body and GLUKOS provides me the fuel I need to continuously train and perform on each run. GLUKOS is extremely effective at providing me the quick and effective energy necessary to compete against the world’s best,” said Ward.

GLUKOS founder Mark Jensen, a former collegiate runner and Ironman competitor, realized there was a gap in the energy product market. This led him to extensive research and development to find the optimum source of energy that was both healthy and effective for athletes, similar to an oral IV.  GLUKOS is similar to an IV because it contains the same basic ingredients, including water, glucose and electrolytes like potassium. Glucose is the only fuel the human body can use to produce natural energy unlike other energy products that contain High Fructose Corn Syrup, which actually creates lactic acid, and triglycerides in the muscles that hurt performance and recovery, caffeine which artificially increases the heart rate and causes dehydration, and artificial sweetener.

“I have a tremendous amount of respect for Jared as an athlete and human being. We are excited to play a fulfilling role in his dream of running in Rio,” said Jensen.

GLUKOS is available in six different products, including a ready to drink, gel, powder, tablet, gummy and bar. GLUKOS is available in sports specialty retail stores across the country for athletes that want to perform at their optimum levels while competing. For more information on GLUKOS, please visit or check out Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


GLUKOS is a natural energy foods brand that provides the ultimate source of natural energy for athletes to perform at their optimal levels. Whether an athlete is training or participating in sport, GLUKOS is the ultimate pre- during- and post-workout energy source that absorbs into the bloodstream instantaneously providing twice the energy twice as fast as any other energy product on the market. Developed by triathlete and former collegiate runner Mark Jensen, GLUKOS can be consumed in six different delivery mechanisms, including ready to drink, powder, gel, gummy, tablet and bars. Unlike other energy drinks, GLUKOS has no side effects, no crash and absolutely nothing artificial.