Wildflower Triathlons
April 30-May 1, Lake San Antonio

Wildflower Triathlons (Kaori Photo).

Wildflower Triathlons (Kaori Photo).

Wildflower is known all over the world for its festival-like atmosphere, challenging courses and some of the happiest volunteers on earth. Some of the greatest triathletes in the world have participated in the Wildflower. For many athletes, this event is on their bucket list of places to compete, for others it’s a yearly celebration of their commitment to a healthy lifestyle and for yet others it is a place for family and friends to get together for fellowship.

Racers who attend this year’s 34th event can book a hotel or vacation rental in nearby Paso Robles or stay onsite at the race campgrounds in a tent or RV. Due to ongoing drought conditions, the campgrounds have been closed to the general public for the year; however, Wildflower attendees will have the privilege of racing and camping at Lake San Antonio for the event weekend.   

Wildflower continues to draw thousands of competitive and amateur athletes each year. This year’s El Nino brought enough winter rain to raise the water levels back up to the boat ramp for a swim start at Harris Creek; allowing for over five miles of open water swimming. When it comes time to race, participants have their choice of distances: Long Course, Olympic, Mountain Bike Sprint, On-road Sprint and even a Kid’s Race.

Complete Tri, a leading triathlon apparel website, recently listed Wildflower as one of the top 10 destination races in the US. This ranking was awarded to triathlons that offer a variety of racing distances, have also stood the test of time, and offer a special venue. The Wildflower offers all of this and much more. With its challenging course and fun-filled, three-day festival, it’s sure to remain *the* destination race for years to come.

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