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2020 Recap  — Our weekend at Banff

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February 23, 2020, concluded another wildly successful and inspiring Banff World Tour Film Festival put on by the UCSC recreation department. Four nights in a row, sold out audiences gathered at the Rio Theater in Santa Cruz, Ca. We were then taken on an adventurous journey with the world’s most inspiring filmmakers. We were transported to the French Alps, Nordic Frozen Waters, Polar Ice Caps, and untouched parts of the Grand Canyon. We witnessed one woman bike, paddle, and kayak across the world in search of the home within herself. We saw two brave men bush-wack along the Colorado River and hike the entirety of the inner grand canyon while raising awareness about the detriments of tourism.

We witnessed intrepid ski moments, surreal landscapes, and of course a contagious devotion to adventure.

We laughed, we cried, we had goosebumps on our arms. We left the theater ready to embark on our own grand adventure. All in all Banff 2020 ROCKED!

This event benefitted the Wilderness Orientation Willie Williams Scholarship Fund and Recreation student scholarships. Each year, nearly $20,000 of scholarship funds are awarded to UCSC students based on financial need, affording them the chance to share in the magic of outdoor adventures.

Banff 2020

Adventure Sports Journal was delighted to have a table at the film festival for all four nights. We spoke to many local Santa Cruz community members. We also enjoyed the enthusiastic and excited energy that always accompanies the Banff Film Festival.

At our table, we sampled the great Surreal Brewing Company and revealed items that will be in our upcoming giveaway.

Thank you to our partners:

Banff 2020

Banff 2020 Banff 2020 Banff 2020








Thank you, Banff for showing us just how capable and inspiring human beings can be. We are ready for our next adventure!