Athletes enjoy full day of racing and camaraderie in the high desert


Despite recent rain, Peavine trails were back to their usual dry, loose conditions on race day. (Battle Born Enduro)

The California Enduro Series kicked off its 2015 season Saturday May 9, 2015 with the Battle Born Enduro on Peavine Mountain in Reno.

Significantly cooler temps made for an entirely different race than 2014’s inaugural event which took place on a brutally hot day. This year’s race in the high desert ran on the same twisty and pedally course, but instead pushing their limits on the verge of heatstroke, competitors this season tackled the loose, dry terrain in much more favorable weather.

Giant / Bike-n-Bean Elite Cycling Team’s Ryan Gibson says, “Weather conditions made all the difference this year. It felt like a huge group ride, with everyone in high spirits and having fun, without the threat of heatstroke.” Gibson, recovering from injuries sustained at the Boggs Funduro, raced conservatively yet still made podium in 4th place (Expert Men 30-39) at the end of a rewarding and fun day.

Congrats to CES Round #1’s winners and high fives to everyone who raced. Stay tuned for a full recap and photos from Called to Creation to be published mid-week.

Download preliminary race results here.


Pro Men Podium: 1st Doug Thayer, 2nd Kyle Warner, 3rd Dillon Santos, 4th Cory Sullivan, 5th Tom Doran. (CES)


Pro Women Podium: 1st Katrina Nash, 2nd Brianne Spiersch, 3rd Monika Renk, 4th Amy Morrison, 5th Lauren Gregg. (CES)


Race organizers Kevin Joell and Gary Nagle. The Battle Born Enduro benefited the Poedunks, a local trail stewardship organization. (Battle Born Enduro)

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