Goal Zero’s Nomad 5 Solar Panel is the solution to your charging challenges no matter what adventure you’re on.

This lightweight yet rugged 5-watt panel features a built-in kickstand that allows for multiple positioning angles while at camp. You can also strap the panel right to your backpack to catch those rays on the move.

The Nomad 5 can be used to charge any device that can be charged from a standard USB port, including phones, headlamps and Goal Zero power banks. Although the USB output port on the back of the panel is not waterproof, the entire front face of the panel can get wet without causing any issues.

It’s important to note that solar panels only produce power when exposed to sunlight, therefore they don’t hold a charge. Hence, it’s best to pair with a power bank to capture that precious power for later use.

We love that the Nomad 5 features a built-in charging dock that accommodates Goal Zero’s lightweight and compact Flip power bank (sold separately) for use after the sun goes down.

MSRP: $59.95 • goalzero.com