Good To-Go’s mission is to “change how people eat on-the-go.” The company’s dehydrated meals (just add boiling water) are both healthy and quick-to-make, and we’ve been enjoying its delicious, nutritious offerings on backpacking, bike packing, paddling and backcountry skiing adventures for several years now.

So, we were delighted to learn of the all-new Food Kits that come in a range of sizes to fit any diet and budget. Choose from several different types of kits; order multiple kits for extended trips, larger groups, or to keep a solid stash of food on hand for emergency preparedness.

All Good To-Go meals are made with no preservatives, and are gluten-free plus are low in sodium. We’re especially fond of the vegan and vegetarian options: “Good To-Go” for our health, the welfare of our fellow earthlings, and our planet!

MSRP: $73.00-$