Should human powered cycling be allowed in designated Wilderness?

Should human powered cycling be allowed in designated Wilderness?

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After you vote, scroll down to “Submit a Comment” to share with us how you feel about human powered cycling in designated Wilderness. Read Kurt Gensheimer’s article Pedaling the Wilderness to learn more about this issue.

Winding down “off grid” (Tom Kaeding).

Winding down “off grid” (Tom Kaeding).


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  1. sparksrick

    Bikes in wilderness ok, but use a bell. Can’t tell you how many times I have been ambushed from behind on the trail. No warning, just a rider whipping around me at trail top speed

  2. Eric

    I live in Truckee and ride the trails every day the weather permits. The trails in the wilderness areas are quiet, dust free, and in pristine condition and should stay that way. We hike the PCT on a regular basis but would never hike Hole in the Ground.
    There are so many great trails available to us mountain bikers, but we need to leave some trails available to hikers that are not destroyed by the erosion caused by cyclists.



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