Toro Enduro – California Enduro Series (CES) Round 2
May 27, Toro Park in Monterey

Toro Park is an ideal spot for mountain biking. Epic trails and the elevation challenges of the terrain lead to amazing views, stellar riding and incredible overall cycling opportunities. The big hills and mountains of Toro Park deliver extra sweet riding single track trails and fire roads where speed and flow are the name of the game. The trails are not overly technical, just fun to ride at race tempo … of course becoming extra tricky when under pressure of the race clock.

The Toro Enduro returns to Toro Park for the second year as part of the California Enduro Series. The event was born from Keith DeFiebre’s CCCX races at Toro. Some of Northern California’s best enduro racers have honed their skills on the fast riding rail trails of Toro Park. Many of enduro’s elite riders have won the CCCX downhill & Super D competitions at Toro over its many years of racing.

The event offers an excellent course for women, men, and junior racers of all levels to compete. Wheter a first time enduro racers or established pro, racers can test their skills and fitness in the sport of multiple stage mountain bike racing at this CES event near Monterey.