The Zenbivy Light Bed is the outdoor sleep system you’ve been dreaming of … or, to be more exact, longing for all those sleepless nights tossing around in your tent trying to get comfortable.

No more constricting yourself in a mummy bag with no space to move; no more sliding off your pad every time you finally fall asleep. The Zenbivy Light Bed is an unbelievably lightweight quilt/sheet combo that you use in conjunction with your own pad and pillow (both available through Zenbivy, too). The sleep system is as easy to set up as it is easy to stow and carry in your backpack.

Zenbivy Light Bed

There’s a lot to love about the Zenbivy Light Bed. We’re especially impressed with its versatility: configure the quilt with a closed foot box (a la mummy bag) or rectangular one; partially open or fully open. An ingenius hook & loop system replaces heavy zippers, and the sheet is designed with a cozy hood to keep your head warm. You simply won’t believe how soft the ultralight fabric is, and how compactly everything packs down, while lofting up so beautifully.

40, 25 and 10 degree options. Synthetic or down. Regular, Large, and XL available. Lightest set comes in at 2 lb 4 oz; compressing to about 4L.

Simply put: the Zenbivy Light Bed puts a sheet on your mattress, and tucks you in with a blanket. It’s your bed at home in the great outdoors.

MSRP: $214.00-419.00

Zenbivy Light Bed