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Rajesh Magar grew up exploring the winding and colorful streets of Kathmandu. At ten years old, RJ spent more time on his handmade bicycle than he did in class.

Born in the culturally infused capital of Nepal, RJ came from very humble beginnings. His mother was a maid and his father was a construction worker. Throughout his youth, RJ would work odd jobs with his family to earn a few dollars.

It wasn’t until he saw bikers on the trails of Kathmandu that he truly became immersed in the sport. After he gained access to the internet RJ devoured everything to do with mountain biking. He watched the same videos of people competing over and over again. He dissected every performance and dedicated his free time to learning all there is to know about mountain biking.

During this time, RJ’s beloved yard-house bike broke. Devastated, he was desperate to get a new one. He began washing dishes, gardening yards, and sweeping floors to save up enough money for a new bike. Finally, after pulling together $15, he was able to afford a seven-speed rig. He rode it everywhere— perfecting his skills and learning the ins and outs of mountain biking, while his passion grew stronger each day.

His new bike often broke down and RJ began to develop mechanical skills. Every time a part broke he would fix it or make a new one. This happened so often that RJ essentially hand-made his own bike using a welding machine and parts from the junkyard. His riding earned him attention on the mountain and eventually brought him the opportunity to compete and provide for his family. He has gone on to become a consecutive four-time national champion in Nepal.

RJ’s story is one of bravery, determination, and passion. Since the making of this film, it has been featured in film festivals all across North America. 

Directed by Joey Schusler

Co-Directed by Ben Page

Edited by Aidan Haley