The Nemo Stargaze™ Recliner Luxury chair takes glamping to a whole new level. Not only does it recline, it boasts a swinging option for optimum relaxation and comfort.

Even when set on uneven, rocky, or sandy terrain, this chair offers stability whether in motion or still. Tip back into the deep lounge position for the most relaxing and inspiring star gazing you’ve ever experienced.

Superior design doesn’t stop there; the chair features a no-spill cupholder, an adjustable headrest, and a pocket for your stuff. Not only is the Stargaze™ Recliner Luxury chair great for camping, it’s ideal for tailgating, lounging at the beach and so much more.

Made from aircraft grade aluminum and non-absorbent monofilament mesh, this chair is durable, resists bacteria and doesn’t retain water. Set-up is easy-peasy and intuitive, as is packing it up into its padded case. The shoulder strap on the case makes for a convenient carry, and it even features a place to stash your phone and keys. Available in assorted colors.

MSRP: $219.95 •